The Johnson Hall

Location: Upper floor

The Johnson Hall

The art collection is named after John Johnson (1861 - 1951), a wealthy businessman and art lover. He left his collection to the city of Uddevalla.

In the foreground, Marcus Larson’s painting Svenskt vattenfall [Swedish Waterfall]. It dates from 1856 and is a good example of the dramatic Düsseldorf School.

John Johnson and his collection

John Johnson was born and bred in Bohuslän. He became a successful wine merchant in Gothenburg and Stockholm. His wealth enabled him to build up one of Sweden’s finest private collections of European art.

John Johnson left the collection to the city of Uddevalla, which placed it in Uddevalla Museum in 1953. The museum became the county museum in 1977 and under the name of Bohuslän Museum it continued to manage the collection on behalf of the Municipality of Uddevalla.

John Johnson was particularly fond of 17th-century Dutch and Flemish painting and the Düsseldorf School of the 19th century. The collection also includes Swedish artists such as Carl Fredrik Hill, Ernst Josephsson, Anders Zorn and Bruno Liljefors.

We welcome visitors to this veritable treasury of art!