Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management

Bild på Väderöarna

Cultural Heritage Management and Archaeology are two of Bohusläns Museum’s core functions.

The province of Bohuslän boasts a rich historical record.  We at the museum wish to chronicle its history of diversity and its historical assets, to be used as resources for learning and knowledge, and in sustainable development.

Our expertise spans dealing with cultural heritage sites, ancient monuments, both on land and under water, historical buildings and built environments, and landscape history.

Furthermore, we have the capacity to conduct all types of land and maritime archaeological investigations, as well as publically oriented projects.

We carry out archaeological studies, cultural landscape analyses, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, osteological analyses, public activities, research and more.

We are constantly pursuing new knowledge about the history of Bohuslän and its cultural monuments; an undertaking executed in cooperation with other heritage organisations. We can provide advice concerning the development of cultural heritage practices and maintenance of ancient monuments. We are also a referral body for municipalities as well as the county administrative board on cultural heritage issues.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about heritage management and/or archaeological issues regarding Bohuslän or any of our professional specialities.