The Contemporary Art Gallery

In the art gallery you will encounter contemporary art expressions. Several exhibitions of regional, national and international art are exhibited each year. For us it is important that you as a visitor can experience art of good quality.

Deepen the experience

In conjunction with the exhibitions we have views and program activities, and often there is the opportunity to meet the artists at art openings and lectures. With exhibitions and programs, we want to stimulate involvement in current contemporary issues – both societal as existential. Create appointments and deepen the experience of our visitors and work to make contemporary art accessible to all.

Art Education

For us it is especially important to encourage interest in contemporary art among children and young people. The schools are therefore offered the opportunity to experience contemporary art expressions and issues in an inclusive and engaging way in our educational programs and through workshops.

Brief history

The Contemporary Art Gallery began operating in Bohusläns museum in 1992. A donation from Percy Barnevik, industrialist and philanthropist from Uddevalla, made the advent of the current art gallery possible. It was designed by Alexis Pontvik and inaugurated in 2002. On the basis of the “white cube” has Pontvik created a bright and functional exhibition space for art that has attracted attention in architectural circles. In 2015, the interior has been complemented with four benches specially designed and manufactured by furniture workshop in Gothenburg.

Artists in Residens

Since 2014 the Contemporary Art Gallery has been part of the project AiR (Artists in Residens) funded by the region of Västra Götaland as an opportunity for Art institutions in the region to work with international artists and Projects.

The Collections

One of the themes throughout the years has been the unique possibility for the contemporary Art Gallery at Bohusläns museum to explore the interaction between contemporary artists and the museum collections. This has been presented in several exhibitions.

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