Location: Upper floor


This exhibition centers on people in Bohuslän, and their living experience in a borderland. To stir your interest, we have given equal weight to facts, moods and feelings. The exhibition centers around five stories.

Each one has a main character based on a real person. You can hear their stories by using the headphones.

We are told of Jon in Kungahälla in 1125, the duchess Ingeborg at Bohus fästning in the 14th century, the maid Kerstin in Ytterby in the 17th centurym, the widow Smitt in Marstrand in 1719 and queen Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta in Uddevalla, in 1814.

They have all come to know what it is like to live in a landscape wedged between the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish quests for power. The exhibition also centers on all the people who have walked across the Swedish-Norwegian border in the north of Bohuslän, or rowed across the Ide fjord, to trade, look for work, escape the war, smuggle goods, visit relatives or meet their lover.