Through the ages

Plats: Upper floor

Uddevalla through the ages

The exhibition contains lots of exciting and entertaining objects and pictures from Uddevalla’s more than 500-year history.Port and trading centre in the border country – then as now.

A millstone from one of the many small industries that have exploited the rapids and falls of Bäveån – Uddevalla’s aorta.

Did you know that Uddevalla has changed nationality more times than any other town in Sweden? No less than seven! A town caught between Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Did you know that it was in the town square of Uddevalla that Sweden transformed from autocracy to democracy? This happened in december 1718, while the corpse of king Charles XII was embalmed in a house at the square.

And did you know that in the late 18th century Uddevalla was the third largest port in Sweden-Finland, after Stockholm and Gothenburg? This was Uddevalla’s golden age. The herring came to Bohuslän, commerce flourished and the middle classes prospered.

Did you know the city is known as Kôrpehôla, meaning the “Ravens Hole”? A term of endearment according to some, a derogatory nickname according to others.