The starting point

Plats: Upper floor

The starting point

The starting point is envisaged as a road out into the country, to the cultural heritage that surrounds us. The starting point is meant to leave room for encounters and inspiration for excursions.n the stands of the exhibition we bring out various subjects connected with our common natural and cultural heritage. You can sit down here and study books and brochures. You can use our visitors’ computers to find out more about the history of Bohuslän and Western Sweden.

What’s going on

Are you interested in archaeological excavations? Bohuslän Museum’s facebook page gives information on what is happening just now. The exhibition often presents finds from current digs.

Places to visit

Would you like some ideas about places to visit? Brochures in the exhibition describe interesting places.

Voluntary associations

Around Bohuslän there are societies for the preservation, use and development of our shared cultural heritage. They care for and show us buildings, artefacts and illustrations and tell us of people who lived there. The exhibition gives a glimpse of the activities of various associations.

Folk music

One of our visitors’ computers serves as a listening station for folk music. Here you can search for players, singers, songs and tunes from all over the region; you can search by place, year or first line of a song. You can also listen to the thousands of fantastic songs and tunes that have been recorded! This is a part of the major project ”Hitta folkmusiken.nu” which is intended to digitalize and give access to the folk music of the Västra Götaland region.