The Boat Hall

Plats: The entrance floor

The Boat Hall

The Museum’s Boat Hall is at the far end of the ground floor. It has sofas and armchairs and a small exhibition on boatbuilding. But more particularly an outdoor, unheated area, ideal for our wooden boats.

There are a number of traditional boats från the 19th century. A rowing boat used to be the most common boat. Almost every household along the coast and fjords owned one.

Around the beginning of the 20s more people began to have more money and time to acquire pleasure crafts. Kosterboat “Nymf” was built in 1890 by the legendary Carl Stjern on Galtisland. ”Nymf” participated in many races and summer regattas in Bohuslän.

The Långedrag yawl ”Ebba” of J10 model, was built in 1943 by Johannes Olsson in the dockyard in Kungsviken, Orust. Just like the boat ”nymf from Koster were popular, so was also Långedrag yawl a popular racing and familyboat. The last owner of ”Ebba” was Margareta Donnér. She inherited a piano from an aunt, but she couldn’t play and loved sailing, so she sold the piano and bought a J10. The double-sided motorboat ”Lisen”, camping boat ”Aje” and dinghy ”8875” can also be seen in the Boathall.

Sweden has 1,3 million owners of pleasurecrafts, every other swede takes atleast one boatride per summer.