Lena Cronqvist – nature and portraiture

28 april 2018 - 2 sept 2018

Location: The Contemporary Art Gallery

Lena Cronqvist – nature and portraiture

During the summer of 2018 the Contemporary Art Gallery at the Bohuslän Museum is privileged to open its doors to an exhibition dedicated to the art of Lena Cronqvist. The exhibition comprises some sixty works of art – paintings, sculpture and art prints – enabling visitors to enjoy the creative genius of one of Sweden’s foremost artists. Lena Cronqvist has exhibited widely throughout her career from her debut in 1965 and, most recently, a major retrospective at the Munch Museum in Oslo.

The works shown have a natural focus on the most recent three decades of Lena Cronqvist’s art but, since we are situated on Sweden’s west coast, there are examples of her seldom-displayed nature paintings from the island of Koster which she has visited every summer since 1966. With these particular paintings Lena Cronqvist salutes both a unique topography as well as her colleague, the painter Inge Schiöler whose work has left its mark in the form of drips of paint on the rocks at Koster. Welcome to the magic world of Lena Cronqvist, a unique domain populated by everyday figures in all their strengths and weaknesses, their self-assurance and their insecurity. Welcome to see yourself through Lena Cronqvist’s knowing gaze.

Accompanying the exhibition is a folder with a brief introduction to her work by art historian Mårten Castenfors, director of the Liljevalchs Gallery in Stockholm, who has followed Lena Cronqist’s career for more than 30 years.

In her art Lena Cronqvist can master the world; there she feels secure and is her own, superlative director, controlling and organizing, testing and refining, elevated as well as plebeian. And, in the midst of all this refining there is also her deep love of paint. The palpable enjoyment of when egg tempera or oil paint have discovered the temperature of the surface somewhere between what is light and what is distinct. The sweeping, seemingly unimportant stretches in the interplay with exquisite detail. And beyond that, the freshness of the hand’s movement when working the clay, the hand that has kneaded itself until it has found the precise expression; or the hand that, working with art prints, cuts its way into the copper plate without losing the flow of the line. That really is art!

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The slide show features: Two little girls with mummy and daddy dolls (2000), Portrait of Lena Cronqvist (Photo: Mattias Lindbäck), Portrait of Lena Cronqvist (Photo: Mattias Lindbäck), Girl wearing a jacket (2000), Lena Conqvist with blank sheets (2001), Self-portrait with mirror and glove (2006)

Lena Cronqvist was born in 1938 and studied art at what is now the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm from 1959 to 1964. She shares her time between Stockholm and Koster on Sweden’s west coast. Her first solo exhibition took place in 1965 and she has maintained a central position in Swedish art ever since.

Guided tours of the exhibition

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