As Dreamers Do

The title As Dreamers Do refers to the role of artists as dreamers, observers and co-workers in a complex contemporary world. A number of the artists have previously exhibited in the gallery in a variety of constellations while others are wholly new to the context. The exhibition will, therefore, consist of retrospectives, returns and new encounters.

The participating artists are: Tova Berglund, Omid Delafrouz, Elisabeth Frieberg, Caspar Forsberg, Jens Fänge, Lukas Göthman, Lena Johansson, Eric Magassa, David Nilson, Maria Nordin, Sofie Proos, Linnéa Sjöberg, Jim Thorell, Johan Thurfjell and Cajsa von Zeipel.

Artists can interpret both interior and exterior worlds based on their points of departure, opening new rooms within us. Art can often pose questions and arouse curiosity by means of an interesting visual approach as well as a capacity for remaining unspecific in expression or ambivalent. The artist may also maintain a particular or hyper-sensitivity that can interpret the signs in our own time which have yet to be entirely visible to us.

Our aim is to create a multidimensional exhibition with a rich base of themes and a variety of modes of expression in a playful spirit. Certain of the artists have links with the Swedish west coast but the exhibition shows a clear representation of artists from other parts of the country. Most of them work in Sweden but a number are internationally active. A majority were born in the 1980s when the museum was started, while others belong to an earlier generation.

A number of different tracks meet up in the exhibition. Various themes are represented by artist working with photography, film, textile art, text, sculpture, installation, social media and painting, presenting the bodies that we live in and their relation to space, place, time and context. In other works, obvious points of departure include gender, affinity, identity and performativity.

Another track in the exhibition is represented by a more introspective approach. This can be a matter of process-related works or by an investigative relation to colour, abstraction, language and signs expressed in painting, sculpture and installation.

A further track includes expressions that are not so obviously expressed and that take place in a borderland in which illusion, dream and metaphysics manifest themselves in surrealistic form in painting and installations.

In a time of dystopic thinking and instability we can hope that art will provide an alternative mode of thinking as well as a room for thought. The exhibition As Dreamers Do has been created by the gallery and artist/curator Lukas Göthman.